Into The Ropes: Your Pro Wrestling Escape Podcast

Number 12: 2020 Royal Rumble Preview with Predictions!, Kyle picks WHO To Win Men's Royal Rumble?!, Wrestler of the Day (Not a Fan-Favorite/Former NFL Player) & Game Time!!

January 23, 2020 Kyle & Jammie, Into The Ropes Pro Wrestling Podcast where WWE/AEW hot topics are discussed! Episode 12
Into The Ropes: Your Pro Wrestling Escape Podcast
Number 12: 2020 Royal Rumble Preview with Predictions!, Kyle picks WHO To Win Men's Royal Rumble?!, Wrestler of the Day (Not a Fan-Favorite/Former NFL Player) & Game Time!!
Into The Ropes: Your Pro Wrestling Escape Podcast
Number 12: 2020 Royal Rumble Preview with Predictions!, Kyle picks WHO To Win Men's Royal Rumble?!, Wrestler of the Day (Not a Fan-Favorite/Former NFL Player) & Game Time!!
Jan 23, 2020 Episode 12
Kyle & Jammie, Into The Ropes Pro Wrestling Podcast where WWE/AEW hot topics are discussed!

In episode 12, Jammie and Kyle kick off with a new W.O.D. who spent some time inside the WWE ring but also in MMA AND The NFL! His name is....Also, Jammie is not a fan of this wrestler, but Kyle is! See the reasons behind their stance!

2020 Royal Rumble match card is previewed and Kyle/Jammie make their selections for each match! Which legends will make an appearance? Will NXT Roster make waves in the Rumble matches? Each storyline (or lack thereof) is reviewed prior to making their prediction!

How can they make an episode without playing a game at the end?! Jammie makes it very difficult in a new round of "Marry, Kill, Bang", tune in and hear why! Dont want to miss the jokes!

During this episode, Kyle is drinkin' Wicked Weed Astronomical Hazy IPA and boy, does it go down smooth, yet packs a punch! Cheers!

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Show Notes Transcript

In episode 12, Jammie and Kyle kick off with a new W.O.D. who spent some time inside the WWE ring but also in MMA AND The NFL! His name is....Also, Jammie is not a fan of this wrestler, but Kyle is! See the reasons behind their stance!

2020 Royal Rumble match card is previewed and Kyle/Jammie make their selections for each match! Which legends will make an appearance? Will NXT Roster make waves in the Rumble matches? Each storyline (or lack thereof) is reviewed prior to making their prediction!

How can they make an episode without playing a game at the end?! Jammie makes it very difficult in a new round of "Marry, Kill, Bang", tune in and hear why! Dont want to miss the jokes!

During this episode, Kyle is drinkin' Wicked Weed Astronomical Hazy IPA and boy, does it go down smooth, yet packs a punch! Cheers!

***Proof that Into The Ropes Made a List!:  Special Thanks to FeedSpot for recognizing us as a Top Wrestling Podcast to Check Out in 2020!***

PLEASE Rate and Review our Podcast, if you enjoy our show! Let’s keep this goin’! 

Check out our instagram, where it all started. Daily Wrestling clips/photos shared from all era's! You won't be disappointed! If you are, then we got two words....well, you get the point.    Follow on Insta. Subscribe/Rate on Apple. Oh yeah, we also have Twitter. Drink it in, mannnn! 

spk_0:   0:03
Hey, Jamie. Hey, Kyle.

spk_1:   0:06
Guess what this weekend is?

spk_0:   0:07
We think Royal rumbo

spk_1:   0:10
friggin know it. Welcome, everybody to your episode of Into the ropes. You're progressing Escape, podcast. I am one of your host, kind alongside my better half.

spk_0:   0:20
Hey, everybody.

spk_1:   0:21
And her name is Hey, everybody. Jamie, this is Jamie. Up. So welcome. We have a lot that we're gonna cover today, but we're super super pumped because Royal Rumble is just a few days away. It is Thursday night s. So therefore, we're not gonna embassy review smack down because we're not fortune tellers. But we all know what's probably gonna happen. It's it's gonna just basically tie up any loose ends on the storyline. But most the card has already been announced on Later in the episode we're gonna go through will review the matches, and we'll give our awesome, awesome predictions because Jamie and I are just so great. Adam, you were so good. I think we're I think we're at 40% just his baseball bat 400. So

spk_0:   1:01
think about it

spk_1:   1:03
s so we're gonna start off with the rest of the day.

spk_0:   1:06
Yeah. I want you to introduce our wrestler

spk_1:   1:08
a man putting pressure on me. All right, So this wrestler it everybody has an opinion on this guy. He's currently on the roster, and he is Barack less. No, that's how you pronounce it, right?

spk_0:   1:22
Just like that? How else? We're

spk_1:   1:24
supposed to say his name.

spk_0:   1:26
Brock Lesner was boring. No, just getting

spk_1:   1:30
I mean, you have Paul Heyman. Thank God

spk_0:   1:32
you had me. Oh,

spk_1:   1:34
yeah, you know, so that's probably

spk_0:   1:35
his name. So? Well,

spk_1:   1:36
it felt pretty good, though, eh? So arrested today is Brock Lesner. Like I said earlier, a lot of people have opinions on. People say he shouldn't be in the navy. It isn't wrestle enough. Doesn't show up enough all valid points. But nonetheless, it's kind of dive into how we got to where he is today.

spk_0:   1:53
Yeah. Um, so broke listeners. Actually, he's 42 years old, so he's a little older.

spk_1:   1:59
He looks pretty good for a gym.

spk_0:   2:01
Yeah, so he's been wrestling a long time, but, um, he's from South Dakota, and I think you gotta start into wrestling because he had a good wrestling career at the University of Minnesota. Used to go for So he did really well. There sure won tons of championships and was really well known. But then he went and signed with Debbie. Give Yuri.

spk_1:   2:24
You did What time was that at her? What year was that?

spk_0:   2:27
I think it was It was 2000. Yeah. All right. Yeah, about 20 years ago. So he started thinking they started. Got time with W B. When he was 20. Yeah. Are trying to start a 22

spk_1:   2:40
22 but also to And this is where people come in and argue that Well, he hasn't really put that many miles on his body. Well, I mean, I think he has special, but he had We'll go through anyone into his UFC career today, but also to so in 2000 this is when it was still w w f At the time, they didn't change the name yet. And by the way, when they did change name, they had a fantastic a slogan for Debbie. Debbie e get the f out

spk_0:   3:03
of ass.

spk_1:   3:04
Pretty clever, but nonetheless eso back then, when players when these wrestlers were signed, they were sent to their regional resting promotions. And at the time in the year 2000 closer went to oh, VW Ohio Valley wrestling. And that's where you kind of did all this training. I learned how to professional wrestle, um, you know, really Cut its promo is very

spk_0:   3:25
well, e give him mike skills.

spk_1:   3:27
They also him in a believe Batista had quite a few matches in a VW. That's cool. So they there there's a lot of matches. I believe in the devil. You know where you can watch them, like prior to being in the actual limelight of W W E. But so he was there for a couple of years. You debuted in 2002 and five months later, after its debut, what happened?

spk_0:   3:49
He won the WW title.

spk_1:   3:51
You sure did

spk_0:   3:52
that quick. Those crazy. Yeah, that's pretty quick after making a debut.

spk_1:   3:55
And honestly, this is kind where people start getting into that eyes. He accompany guy? Not really. So you know, he wins that title in 2002 But then he left in 2000 for too, Of course, pursue the NFL.

spk_0:   4:09
So he was really only on TV for, like, two years with, um

spk_1:   4:13
Not very long.

spk_0:   4:14
No, not really. Then, like you said, he, uh, went and tried to pursue a career in NFL who traveled with, uh, with the Minnesota Vikings. Yeah,

spk_1:   4:24
if I believe you made it to the practice squad, anything I'll cut really early on in the season's avoidant, Really, he didn't really beat him in terms of playing in a game regular season game. We never made an appearance, you

spk_0:   4:35
know, a position he was

spk_1:   4:36
believes, defensive tackle, which blows my mind. But I get it like it's just because you're good. And one thing doesn't mean it's gonna correlate to the

spk_0:   4:45
very thought of Guy.

spk_1:   4:47
There is very, very athletic. So obviously got cut in 2000 for thank you, come back. But if you take that no. So he actually went over. You want to receive once in Japan, rest there for a few years over a new Japan world, wrestling and, uh, just kind of hung out there for a little bit? Yeah, And then you think after that after the independent scene, he made me come back to live in a V eight? No,

spk_0:   5:12
no, me, damn it. So it's like he was kind of in a hiatus for in 2007. So, again, he's been gone from W B since 2000. For almost three years, he now signs with UFC.

spk_1:   5:28
What's the real thing now?

spk_0:   5:29
Yeah, which I mean, he did. Okay, there it

spk_1:   5:33
was just very scrutinized because coming from professional wrestling Yeah, which raised, like all you know, super fake scripted right about one thing. It is scripted,

spk_0:   5:42
but he wasn't Russell. But, I mean, you got the background of it,

spk_1:   5:47
for sure. The people tend to forget about that.

spk_0:   5:49

spk_1:   5:50
when they want a slain professional wrestling.

spk_0:   5:52
What was his record? UFC

spk_1:   5:54
trouble. He was five and three. So

spk_0:   5:55
we didn't have, like, a ton of matches, at least in the earlier stages of his career.

spk_1:   6:00
Right? When the titles? A few times. But throughout his career, he had matches. Uh, we had one against Cain. Velasquez, Kill them. Brock is bleeding pretty good. There came Bosco's. Yes, they won that match.

spk_0:   6:16
Yeah. No, he did not.

spk_1:   6:18
But, you know, developing in a pretty serious health issues when he was over USC, and it led to many, many surgeries, and I believe it was more like the abdominal area, right?

spk_0:   6:29
Yeah. He had, like, diverticulitis and heads, and complications from the rights had some surgeries. You

spk_1:   6:35
like four? Five surgeries?

spk_0:   6:36
Yeah, that really put him out for a while from UFC. Anything really do much activity for a while, but I would say he did eventually heal, but, um, I think it was maybe a year or two after the surgeries, he went back to U F. C.

spk_1:   6:53
Owned this thing. Kind of. It's kind of back backtrack for a second again. This is why I keep saying this like, Okay, you would think after all the searching now is when he goes back to get me to be, right?

spk_0:   7:01
Yeah. Still doesn't

spk_1:   7:02
know that's crazy to me. And

spk_0:   7:04
that was in 2010. Like, Hey, still didn't go back to W B

spk_1:   7:08
Way were in Pittsburgh at the time we ordered this event and where you're go, see has come back. And it was pretty pretty cool seeing him come back, especially with that health scare, but

spk_0:   7:21
yeah, but obviously you didn't stay there very long.

spk_1:   7:24
Didn't say they're very long. But then now where did he go

spk_0:   7:30
now? He came back to Debbie being

spk_1:   7:31
right in 2012. He returned, um, in his first year, of course of John say that and that was very good feud. And he would go on to have feuds with the undertaker and re remembers that one.

spk_0:   7:44
Yeah. What happened? What did he do? Tow

spk_1:   7:46
the undertakers for? Turn off your this podcast from listening, In case you haven't watched that WrestleMania.

spk_0:   7:53
I'm sure everybody.

spk_1:   7:54
Right. So he broke the streak.

spk_0:   7:56
Yeah, that was a sad day for me. Yeah, I was really happy about that. And I'm not happy about

spk_1:   8:01
like, yeah, I get the whole fact that profits are at this point, especially undertakers ages probably would destroy him, so it's not as believable, but at the same time, it's just the undertaker, the mystique, it's

spk_0:   8:14
But that was like, his thing. So I don't know why they took that from him, right? But I mean, e one maybe e s I mean, like, I already said I just never really cared for him because he's never there. Blah, blah. And I just didn't think it was cool of WWD to take away undertakers, you know, Rain off that title or whatever. Yeah, the undefeated is that Russell mania. When he was there every single day when he used to wrestle right so I mean, that's my opinion. So what? They did it. And so to the matter, not my favorite.

spk_1:   8:51
What was your favorite promo? Brock. Let's never cut

spk_0:   8:56
face last week. How? The

spk_1:   8:59
most recent one

spk_0:   9:00
Archer, That's what That's what. I never remember him cutting any Brahmos. I don't think he does. It

spk_1:   9:08
was just kind of a joke.

spk_0:   9:09
I figured you knew of one

spk_1:   9:11
right hand man, Paul Human.

spk_0:   9:13
Now he does, but he didn't have it before. You have to call him and belong Toe cm punk. Right? So, I mean, either he just didn't talk much and just showed up where That's gonna

spk_1:   9:24
be interesting. Paul Heyman. You represent CM punk who doesn't need representation on the mic. And then you represent a guy that they sure make it seem like he needs represent representation. Yeah, I'm on the mic, and who knows, maybe Brock Lesner. Just like I'm not. I'm not talking on the mike. You're still gonna pay me and you have Paul talk for me. It sure seems that way. It definitely is a vibrant Gets to call the shots and

spk_0:   9:51
yeah, that's what I got more power to him. That's what I gather to. It's a lot about I think, what he can do and what his schedule allows them to. D'oh.

spk_1:   9:57
Well, he was quoted saying back in the day, I'm not back in the day, but like when you came back to the TV that he could work part time and get paid full time, essential what

spk_0:   10:07
she does. He clearly does. He's not every single paper view. He's not on every single role. He hasn't made an appearance, somebody to get

spk_1:   10:15
us. How shows, right?

spk_0:   10:15
Yeah, yeah, let's not go there. But I mean, like I say, they seem like show up too raw for like sometimes like a month or two. It's crazy to me that he can, like, not show up,

spk_1:   10:26
right? Well, I mean, if you can, are you able to put that aside and like, would you say that he's an entertaining wrestler on the ring? Not really, really. Don't find them really entertaining. No, no.

spk_0:   10:40
E. Like his entry music

spk_1:   10:43
was pretty cool. Interesting when it comes out,

spk_0:   10:45
But I mean, I guess I can see up. There's other wrestlers that I can think of that I think would be a good feud with him, and they've never pushed it. Like I think him and Bronze Stroman would be a good feud. And they've never even touched that

spk_1:   10:57
well branched Roman and his story lines. Or a whole another. Yeah, it's so

spk_0:   11:01
you know, I mean, there's other people that could match up against Braca listener and be believable to beat him. You know, if Seth Rollins could be dumb and, yeah, believable, he's kind of not small, but, you know, I mean, smaller. Got some of the guys there. They could definitely make better feuds with broccoli. I don't think they do. Drew McIntyre. Yeah, Joe. Yeah. There's

spk_1:   11:24
even Kevin Owens.

spk_0:   11:26
Yeah, exactly. There's just I mean, I really would love to see Brown, Strom and personally, but I think you gigantic, huge, massive dude. Yeah, yeah. Order McIntyre. Well, today, mostly

spk_1:   11:38
last for your opinion. You gave it to me. I I would disagree with you. I do think I enjoy watching him inside the ring. It's not so much from the technical aspect. It's just his presence alone because ultimately, like Holy shit, that's Brock Lesner. He's in the rain. We've seen

spk_0:   11:54
every scene in life.

spk_1:   11:56
Maybe once or twice. We're fortunate enough to go so numerous times. But maybe it says, like I said, his presence. And it's a war like broccoli. Do

spk_0:   12:06
you think the crowds into it, though,

spk_1:   12:08
Uh, as of late? No. I will say the crowd was definitely out of it when he defeated Kofi so quick. Yeah, and that was, uh that was

spk_0:   12:22
that was good for them. The crowd did not like that.

spk_1:   12:24
I just wasn't good for the company. No, you're making a company, man. Just look really bad.

spk_0:   12:29
Yeah, exactly.

spk_1:   12:30
Instead, guy that really and truly is not a company, man. He just goes where you get you paid a little more and work a little less. Hey, if somebody maybe that same offer, I would jump on it. Yeah, you can work half your hours and make double the money.

spk_0:   12:45
Yeah, okay. Oh, no, bro. Close. We're not stupid. Snow e

spk_1:   12:50
don't hate him for that, but you know, the rest of the day whole probably never hear this, but thank you for your contributions to the professional wrestling world of upsetting, upsetting taker fans and Kofi fans.

spk_0:   13:05
Yeah, nationwide. Uh, well, we want to get in the royal rumble. They

spk_1:   13:12
do, But I do want to make a quick announcement. No, this is not in ads. You don't need to skip 30 seconds. But one thing that I've been trying to do the past few episodes is I have a different theory that I drink each episode, and it's usually it's craft beer and its local brewery, so to speak. And we are in Greenville, South Carolina. So here, the one I'm drinking is Wicked weed, a marine company, and that is based out of Asheville, North Carolina. And I am drinking. They're astronomical. Hazy. I p a very 7.7% very happy. And yep, 7.7%. Uh, it's very good. And we're only 14 minutes under this show. Just about. And this is about 80% full. So my voice changes. In the next 30 minutes, you'll know what

spk_0:   13:55
you need to start drinking. Okay, So you

spk_1:   13:58
So how about you talk? The rest of the epicenter

spk_0:   14:00
will be right on.

spk_1:   14:00
Okay, great. But yeah, let's go ahead and that we'll dive into a royal rumble that is this weekend, and then it's gonna be in Houston on, and that is the site of the Houston Astros, who have won several world Siris recently. And I've also been discovered to potentially cheat sheet to get where they are now. Some of you may be sports fans out there. And if you are, and if you're Houston Astros fan, consider yourself lucky. Because if this is back in the 19 twenties, your entire franchise probably banned for life. They caught cheating devices on players wearing like a buzzer. Hey, yeah, I didn't know. Just coming and just not a good situation.

spk_0:   14:44
Yeah, well, that's okay. We're out there for baseball. No, we're

spk_1:   14:47
not. But I find that there there, there are at least bring that

spk_0:   14:51
I know just relevant in the news.

spk_1:   14:52
They're baseball fans or not.

spk_0:   14:56
Um, so there's a pretty big card for that night. There's a lot of matches. You know how long

spk_1:   15:02
rights it's? Well, appreciate that. Seven. So therefore earlier, maybe I could be wrong. I'm talking Eastern time. Could be six or seven. Don't quote me on it out there.

spk_0:   15:14
Yeah, climbing. Even Just the road rumbles alone. Take a while. I mean, they're at least 30 minutes. No, no, I'm saying at least 30 minutes because 30 people come out every minute. Yeah, right. So

spk_1:   15:26
we'll act like everything's changed. Their comets could be

spk_0:   15:28
so second, whatever. Either way, it's probably gonna be at least 30 minutes each. I mean, at least that's what I'm trying to get out. So there's a lot of stuff going on that night, But let's talk about the cards and who we think is gonna win with your predictions

spk_1:   15:43
like you. And I need you like a side bet. Just for whoever wins news is how about this? If I win, if I get the correct you more than you. Okay. You got to cut a promo next episode. Absolutely. My choice. Why not?

spk_0:   15:58
I'm not doing

spk_1:   15:59
it. You know what kind of problem?

spk_0:   16:00
No. Scared? Yes. Okay. I'm like Brock Lesner. I don't do pro. Moe's

spk_1:   16:06
a my man. That's not love. I don't know what it is. All right, So it's going to our first match on the card, and that is gonna be from the Smackdown brand. It is gonna be to Celtic warrior himself. Shame it's against. I mean, I don't want to say this guy's name Chad Gable already blessed. That was his original.

spk_0:   16:27
Now I don't even know that.

spk_1:   16:29
So it's called him Shorty G Its awful nickname Well, and the whole thing is its stem from a few weeks ago where Shay ms came in the ring means and rain come back promise before and they finally came to the ring. And Shorty, do you happen to be in there? And every thought shameless is helping him out. And he turned around and gave him his bro kick to Shorty G, which looked like he broke his neck, which flew back. And then last week on smack down, that kind of hyperbole went at it cutting pro mose and basically a challenge to match and, I don't know, shame

spk_0:   17:08
that it was an awful way to bring Shame is back.

spk_1:   17:10
That's what you bring him to. Must needs to go right into a title picture.

spk_0:   17:14

spk_1:   17:14
anyone? Title picture for that matter. But, my God,

spk_0:   17:17
they picked a guy half a size. Yeah, I don't like that

spk_1:   17:20
Means there's a lying king, okay, like,

spk_0:   17:23
yeah, I don't Yeah, I don't get why they did it, but they did

spk_1:   17:28
Well, I guess. Sorry. It's not the best review, but I think we both just are really looking forward to it.

spk_0:   17:34
No, I think you're a There's two guys out there. Knows who we're gonna pick. So we're gonna agree on this one,

spk_1:   17:39
Shorty G. Okay, So if that were to happen, how much credibility is shameless? Lose off that

spk_0:   17:49
it's not going to happen. Shameless is gonna win.

spk_1:   17:53
I sort of got it sorted. You went on a roll of person bullshit. Like I I'm shameless. I'm and I'm gonna make some phone calls. I don't care what wrestling promotion it is a w new Japan, you love. I don't care. Get me out of here.

spk_0:   18:07
Yeah, exactly. So shameless for that. I'm with a great for both of us. All right, we're gonna agree on that one. Yeah. Um all right. So the next one

spk_1:   18:18
next one's gonna be from the robbery, and that is Andrade, who currently holds the U. S title and sorry. We're laughing out there. He said his little inside joke about Andrade ve anyways s so he will be facing Alberto Correo. And the thing is, it's weird how this came about because really

spk_0:   18:37
kind of story line. It was kind of surprising. I actually like that. We were surprised. I only saw that happened, right? Wrong.

spk_1:   18:43
What I'm getting at is literally They just does. He came back concert. He attacked on Dr, eh? Yeah, defending Rey mysterio.

spk_0:   18:52
Remember? He was wearing a mask, so we thought it was like Ray's son or something else. We weren't expecting it to be. Umberto

spk_1:   18:58
was happy. Was him? Yeah. Supposed to raise, son? Yeah, but I think it's just talk about being very quick.

spk_0:   19:03
Yeah, it was really quick grab stopping Monday night

spk_1:   19:05
legit. Two minutes long. If that time that they we're going back and forth. And then later on Oh, it's us title match. My presumption. And guess is going to be that it is a pre show match? I think so. I wish it wasn't because we've seen both of them. They wrestled together. Yeah, I guess each other when they're here for raw in Greenville back in December 2019 and were really impressed with that. I want your prediction.

spk_0:   19:32
I'm going with Andrada. Adam Retain.

spk_1:   19:35
Yeah, I can see the titles, The title changing hands that quick.

spk_0:   19:38
I think the feud may continue. I don't know that this

spk_1:   19:40
thing is gonna go to WrestleMania. I think eventually be. Yeah, I'll see you. I don't

spk_0:   19:44
think the feud is gonna be over with. No, Um, I do think Selena Vega, those keeps on obviously playing a big part and stuff. So I have a feeling that's gonna continue a little bit, too. That's where

spk_1:   19:54
she might have him eventually lose. The title is here. This is kind of looks like the way he's playing. She helped him win the title. So

spk_0:   20:02
But I do think for this one, it's gonna be Andrade.

spk_1:   20:04
I think it'd be a hell of a match. I'm definitely looking forward to that one. Not so much for the storyline purpose, because it really isn't one, but it's more so just entering ability. That's the match to watch. Yeah. And Andrade. Hopefully, he's healthy. That ladder match on wrong major. A lot of bumps. And there's actually a few, uh, looks like a few mistakes that I mean, he's a ladder match. That's not gonna be flawless. I mean, man there sometimes you laid it on the ladder. My God.

spk_0:   20:34
Or sometimes we thought the letter should have broken and the dinners are just We weren't even sure.

spk_1:   20:39
Yeah, it was. It was not cringe worthy, but almost got to that point.

spk_0:   20:42
Whatever that movie did against Ray Mysterio that I think like a DDT. Did you drive more than it? Did Ramos Syria even know? Supposed to be the opposite way? Yeah. Now, they took some hard hits that night.

spk_1:   20:56
We both have a dry day to retain the U. S title. And I don't like that we're the same. But for the 1st 2 matches is kind of hard to be different.

spk_0:   21:02
Yeah, maybe we'll next one. The next one. We're gonna have Roman reigns versus King core men and count anywhere throughout the whole entire ballpark.

spk_1:   21:14
And Roman's gonna kick his ass all over the ballpark And what he said last week. Okay.

spk_0:   21:20
Where you taking for this one? I want who I think. I

spk_1:   21:27
think if you've been listening to our episodes, our podcast thing, every out there knows that one of the biggest Roman reign spans nothing against the guy himself. We just I don't like his character. That's just your opinion. We welcome everybody else's opinion. If you love him. Great. We're gonna hate you for it. But that's what I love about pro wrestling. You don't have to agree with anybody and anything. But anyway, so I'm gonna take King Corbin, okay? And I have I have a theory as to why, and we'll get to that a little bit later.

spk_0:   21:57
Um, I'm not. I would I want King Corbin toe win. But I'm not thinking he's going thio. I'm gonna say Roman reigns. Do you want to tell me your theory are the two? Soon

spk_1:   22:11
we'll get to a little later.

spk_0:   22:12
Okay? Oh, I think I know what I mean.

spk_1:   22:14
It's pretty obvious at this point, but

spk_0:   22:15
yeah, so then All right, what's the next one is what do a couple of women's matches that are on there?

spk_1:   22:22
Yeah. Both titles are up.

spk_0:   22:22
Yeah. So there's Bailey versus Lacey Evans Smackdown. Women's title. Um, this one again, for me is going to be one of them. I really want to win. I don't think they're going toe.

spk_1:   22:35
Hold on before we get in there picks this kind of talk about their their storyline. I think they've done a great job developing it. Okay and such, like, they've been attacking each other. And the wild card here is gonna be so Thanks. Correct. And this is where it's gonna be hard to predict because Russell mania is coming around. I could totally see them somehow, having Bailey retained and then

spk_0:   22:57
go again Sasha Banks

spk_1:   22:58
or do a triple threat.

spk_0:   22:59
Yeah, I'm wondering, like if social Banks is ever gonna turn

spk_1:   23:01
or she or Lacey Evans or Sasha could win? Yeah. The loser added, this match could eventually win the women's royal rumble. True. You know, there's just a lot. This is kind of where my head's at with. It was harder paper me to pick for because

spk_0:   23:18
they're all really good points for sure, Because yeah, exactly. And they could have a shot at the title at WrestleMania. So that being said, I mean, do you think that a lot titles are gonna change?

spk_1:   23:31
I don't know. I think this March madness, though, because you're picking all the teams you wanna win. But then you're also looking ahead to see, like it's gonna be Oh, it's like that same mindset. Ah, is it a tough one? I'm gonna I'm gonna go with my gut. I'm gonna say Bailey's gonna retain

spk_0:   23:51
Yeah, I have to agree with them. I can't go. Lucy. Evan's right now. I'd like to see her when? But I don't think she's going to

spk_1:   23:58
If they want Lacey of into what Lacey Evans toe win, I think would make more sense at WrestleMania.

spk_0:   24:04
Maybe. I don't know. I think I agree with you, though. This whole Sasha Banks thing's gonna come back.

spk_1:   24:08
Sasha is getting a title shot somewhere. She's

spk_0:   24:10
gonna end up turning on Bailey at some point.

spk_1:   24:12
Revised first. Yeah. So we're both taking Bailey, Okay. So really indifferent on one, then

spk_0:   24:19
I think we're gonna agree on the next one is? Well,

spk_1:   24:22
maybe I don't know. So the next one is the roll women's title. That is the man Becky Lynch against Oscar and Regulations Not beaten Oscar. Yeah, inside the room. And that's been a very good story line. It's

spk_0:   24:35
been a long feud because it kind of started off first with even tag tag teams. It's continued with Oscar and Buffy lunch after the um yeah, like you said, though Becky hasn't beaten Oscar yet, So do you think this will be the time man that's think she's gonna have a green stuff that she's gonna spit out in her face

spk_1:   24:56
or she's gonna wait? Could use to get into that. Like I was getting up spraying the rest of the phase. And then all this happened. Yeah, there's a lot of variables, but again, my head is thinking about that ultimate rumble match. And then also to Becky Lynch. I mean, people can debate this nine day, but she used to face the company right now. Yeah, of the entire company. So it's hard for me to really pick against her as much as they think. For creative wise to make more sense for Oscar to win and then have bacon lunch when the rumba won't come back retaining at WrestleMania. But they're not gonna do that. They're gonna make you lose the title. I don't think no refreshing would be refreshing if it did, because it be going in a direction that Okay, now I'm very interested. Like, where's this going?

spk_0:   25:39
Yeah, I don't think they will. I don't have to go with Becky retaining.

spk_1:   25:43
Okay. I'm gonna go back in retaining as well. All right, so now we're gonna start getting into believe we have three more. So we have one more actual singles match in the last two or the rumble matches.

spk_0:   25:56
It's gonna be the Feen and Daniel Bryan. Yeah, that's right. For the Universal Championship. How do you

spk_1:   26:04
feel about this whole buildup with them

spk_0:   26:05
away? Hold on. And it's a strap match. I finished the whole spiel of what? This matches

spk_1:   26:11
your mind out of the gutter.

spk_0:   26:12
Um, yeah, I didn't quite understand. What struck match is I'm gonna look, I'll explain that in a moment, but, I mean, let me explain it now.

spk_1:   26:20
I mean, just over the podcast. I can't because you need visuals. But there was a match back in to see what the strap actually looks. So and so it's gonna be both are gonna have a strap around their arm of the wrist and the triple H and the rock had one back in the attitude era, so she had a hell of a match. However, they,

spk_0:   26:39
like, struck to each other. OK, so they know they can only go so far away from each other. Yeah, basically what it means

spk_1:   26:45
staying very long. Handcuff about 30 or 40 feet. Gotcha. In triple Agent Rock had won their matches Super entertaining. I'm curious if this works because you have two guys that are in completely different types of shape, completely different type of wrestlers. Where's the rock in triple A, JJ, or, you know, essentially. And I always see the same wrestler. But they were pound for pound. Yeah, right on part of each other. Where is the vein? Is bigger in the Daniel Bryant and a little more in shape than him. Lot quicker, obviously. So I don't see it being a very good match. No, I really don't. I hope I'm wrong.

spk_0:   27:22
Yeah, I think it'll be good, but do you like the feuding with them too? I don't know. Yeah, I agree. I'm not a big fan

spk_1:   27:31
of it. And I guess my reasoning is I'm also a little almost but her. But I never thought that. Bree, why should one that the title this early on? And people are out there saying, What should he have done? He should have kept doing. He was doing was attacked. Random people have a feud with those people, because why should someone that kind of is like I like the dark side like the undertaker. He didn't really care about the title. Yeah, you know what I mean. So why would the feed and care about the title. He never mentioned any of his Primeau's wanting the title. He was always wanting to retaliation on people and then, you know, getting the title as just, like, kind of rub me the wrong way because I feel like they could have on a much more creative route. But oh, well, so I'm gonna say, for my prediction for this match, I see the fiend retaining.

spk_0:   28:25
Yeah, I have to agree. Sorry. And over a green on all these. But that's not gonna be

spk_1:   28:31
the next to are not gonna agree on anyway. So

spk_0:   28:33
no, I don't even know that I have answers next to going. Go ahead. And I was still discuss them.

spk_1:   28:39
So we both had the fiend entertaining in the strap match.

spk_0:   28:41
Yeah. Okay, so then we have the two royal rumbles. We'll talk about the women's royal rumble first. Okay, so there's been

spk_1:   28:49
only a handful

spk_0:   28:50
for right for believe only for confirmed. Four confirmed. Just 30

spk_1:   28:55
says pure speculation.

spk_0:   28:57
That's a lot of women. We don't know where I'd be in it.

spk_1:   29:00
Give me a lot of women in there that shouldn't be in there. But that's just how it is.

spk_0:   29:02
Yeah, Yeah. Um, do you know any of the four our intentions? It's okay if you don't,

spk_1:   29:10
uh, off the off the top of my head and a Charlotte, uh, Sarah Logan randomly, uh, put her name in. That's another thing. They're putting their name in the rumble. I always thought you to be selected. That's a whole nother. That's his weird.

spk_0:   29:25
It's OK. We'll find out. Everybody

spk_1:   29:26
say I now announce that I'm entering myself in the Royal. Okay? Yeah. Cool. Todo. Okay, I know there's, like for five very been confirmed. But again, that such a small sample size to choose from

spk_0:   29:42
we might find out more tomorrow to on smack down. But

spk_1:   29:45
now that they're announced 26 more?

spk_0:   29:47
No, not that many. But either way, so we don't really know who's in the woman's royal rumble, which is actually the way I like it. I like not knowing. So for me, I think that's better. But so whoever wins this gets a title shot at WrestleMania, would that be for either title?

spk_1:   30:03
I believe so. Was following the same as the men

spk_0:   30:05
didn't get to choose. So So Okay, so whoever wins can choose either Becky or Bailey. As of right now, right now, they have the titles

spk_1:   30:16
Smackdown or Ralph Win this championship.

spk_0:   30:18
Yeah. So it's kind of like what we think they're gonna give a big push to for women,

spk_1:   30:23
but also to there is rumored to be some next team women in their and and X T women. To me, my eyes are better wrestlers from top to bottom. So that kind of excites me because I also maybe you kind of have my want mine wondering if maybe one of the maybe one of them always or maybe Triple H wants always the next woman to stay there.

spk_0:   30:46
Yeah, sure. That's his bigger than the next team. Yeah. So do you have any thoughts of who you think maybe you could show up in when I know it's kind of a far stretch. It's hard to pick somebody, but

spk_1:   30:56
yeah, I mean, there's only one in extreme name and that I'm gonna mention that Shana Bassler. So

spk_0:   31:02
you think it's gonna be the next person? No,

spk_1:   31:04
I didn't say that. I'm just throwing names out there. Got you. Um, I think her I think her odds are very, very good to win. Originally I wanted I was gonna pick her. But this could be me being the whole March Madness brain just over the skin. I should just pick based on the mascots, right? Yeah. So I think I'm gonna change because my original was Give me Shane Bassler. I'm gonna go Sasha Banks.

spk_0:   31:36
I think you're reading my mind right now. I was gonna say Social Bank says, Well, however, when I'm thinking about it sitting here from when we started this conversation, I was thinking Sasha Banks. But I'm still thinking that somehow she's gonna feud with Bailey separately or so get, like a title. Like somehow with that, Like turning on her kind of thing because she's not gonna want to go against Becky. Guys don't see that. So you're thinking somebody from So I'm thinking Charlotte. Okay,

spk_1:   32:06
I could see that for sure.

spk_0:   32:07
I don't feel like Charlotte and Becky have ever gotten on good terms. They're both on raw. It's obviously one of the stronger feuds that's always been around. They have taken a break from it for a little while, which is nice, but I wouldn't be surprised if they started a feud back up. Maybe. Good so I'm gonna go Charlotte.

spk_1:   32:22
Okay. So you're Charlotte. I'm Sasha now. There was also rumors that should've said it earlier. Have another person coming back. Oh, run, arousing.

spk_0:   32:31
Oh! Oh, I didn't know that doing. If she came back, that'd be a different story.

spk_1:   32:39
I don't want her to come back, but

spk_0:   32:40
I know. I think she was there every week when she was there.

spk_1:   32:44
No. And I wouldn't be cold. You can come back, but I don't want a winning.

spk_0:   32:49
She's right, huh? But that be interesting. I don't have to say that. I mean, I didn't hear that.

spk_1:   32:55
All right, So I have Sasha, You have Charlotte for the women's royal rumble on our last one is the man's well rumble. And for the men's well rumble you have. Whoever wins can choose any title that they want to have a match with at WrestleMania. And so far 22 have been confirmed. So

spk_0:   33:13
Sly was sighing like in rolling my eyes behind this microphone. So

spk_1:   33:17
we have a Hall of Famers.

spk_0:   33:18
I hate you. I hate that There's eight spots that we don't know would you know there's gonna be some my next to people. So It's like Who is going to be special? That's gonna come in like what? One person, two people? No problem. I think

spk_1:   33:30
Adam called me one of them. I'm sure

spk_0:   33:32
that's the next T. So I'm already hunting for 60 being like probably four or five of them and then the other two or three, maybe like a wild card that we don't know what it's like. I don't know, Like I already said that Kofi Kingston is not on there. I'm sure he's gonna be there, right? Listen, we looked last time. I could change by now. Who knows? They change it every day.

spk_1:   33:52
But regardless who has been confirmed and in all that,

spk_0:   33:56
I hate that they're doing that, though I don't remember that being like that last year, I can't recall. It's like a soon as they put in Brooke Listeners number one all of does like that off of that and kept on putting people in, and I don't get why they did that. Why don't they just leave it? Brock Lesner is number one and just let leave it at that.

spk_1:   34:14
Well, they didn't announce the order, and we don't know who's coming out of number two.

spk_0:   34:18
No, I know that, but I'm the same. Why do we need to know who's gonna be in the Royal Rumble? I don't understand their reasoning for telling us who's gonna be in Royal Rumble. I know we don't know that numbers, but

spk_1:   34:28
no words of Jericho bad creative numbers kit is it's not the best way to go about it, because the whole point to me, at least, anything you would agree with this Royal rumble. Most the reason most the fans that tune in it's the unknown. It's hearing that buzzer and hearing that music. And if you already know 22 of the song, so to speak, they're gonna hit it kind of takes the luster out of it. But

spk_0:   34:54
what I'm trying to think whether anything is that I mean, I know we're a little bit crazy wrestling fans, but we kind of know who's gonna be the 22. So if it comes out in a number like 25 to 30 and we know who hasn't been called weird, I know the last people are. So unless they're gonna leave like the last eight for the wild cards, like we're gonna know with Roman reigns. I'm showing up in this number. 30 coming off. I don't think we're gonna know that is him. So I think maybe bad nightmare. I think that might be What I'm trying to get at is I just I'm not a fan of that, but whatever. What I what do I know?

spk_1:   35:28
Okay, So you have over analyzed the men's rumble match,

spk_0:   35:33
you know, and I feel like you and I were gonna agree on who's gonna win it. Thio son of a bitch. But I'm gonna go differently. I think from you

spk_1:   35:39
I can switch mine. You switch the last time.

spk_0:   35:41
No, you can stick with yours. You've been,

spk_1:   35:44
you know, I'm gonna say yeah. Who Drew MacIntyre. Oh, a

spk_0:   35:50
little hard on for him these days. Thank little.

spk_1:   35:56
Uh, well, no earlier. I think I'm changing it.

spk_0:   36:03
Are you going back to King Corbin?

spk_1:   36:06
You're not paying attention, Roman roots. So I picked King Corbin. Okay. To beat Roman reigns. Okay, so, of course, when that happens, rain is gonna feel like shit and be down and out. Who's gonna be number 30? And who is going to eliminate the last person standing her? The second last person saying it

spk_0:   36:27
was going to a second class standing. Brock Lesner seething rowing. Brock last that long? Yes, he does. He does, I think. Brooklyn. What? Lesner wins.

spk_1:   36:35
All right, well, maybe wouldn't get this off my chest. I pick, unfortunately, and I don't want to do it. I'm gonna pick Roman reigns because I he's gonna get a title shot. A WrestleMania. This is how we see it. Who's And I hope I'm wrong.

spk_0:   36:50
I'm saying I think Brock Lesner is gonna learn Really interesting. They just talked him up so much. And like you said, who beats the Brock Lesner? Nobody.

spk_1:   36:58
So in that case, if you go with Smackdown title

spk_0:   37:02
E, I don't know. Yeah,

spk_1:   37:04
I mean, it's interesting. Hey, I mean, it's your life and live

spk_0:   37:11
in. I just feel like he's the indestructible one. So I think I can't have you got against Drew McIntyre? Even I want

spk_1:   37:18
to know I want t o

spk_0:   37:20
so much lately

spk_1:   37:21
again, I'm thinking with my brain and at my heart. How sweet. Yeah, but I do want your McIntyre toe win 100%.

spk_0:   37:31
Yeah, That's where I was going to say I would like to see him win. To watch him win could be awesome.

spk_1:   37:37
I'll be great. I don't care if I'm wrong.

spk_0:   37:39
Yeah, that's wrong, too.

spk_1:   37:41
Okay, So I'm taking Roman and you're taking Brock. I don't think the odds are good on that.

spk_0:   37:49
Why not?

spk_1:   37:50
No, I'm Vegas does have odds for wrestling. By the way, do they? I haven't seen them for the Royal Rumble. I can't imagine Brock sods air like the best.

spk_0:   37:59
Hey, we should bet on it,

spk_1:   38:00
OK? We should. Okay.

spk_0:   38:03
And you can bet on Roman reigns to happen.

spk_1:   38:05
Sales who happens? So you lose. You got a problem. OK, moving on. All right, so those are predictions. Uh, wonder how you guys would be doing as well with your predictions. I'm sure there's gonna be some different opinions, especially because of the royal rumble. There's a lot of names out there, and this isn't a spoiler alert, but there are a lot of rumors as well to the men's were on both the mother's coming back. You're here on edge every year, but he wants to see or hear CM punk music head again. I

spk_0:   38:37
know. I want to be in front to come back

spk_1:   38:38
came, last came Alaska. Is

spk_0:   38:41
that good? A wildcard person that could come in and beat everybody in face?

spk_1:   38:47
He comes back. He's eliminating Brack last night. I just see that happen.

spk_0:   38:50
That would be kind of an interesting story line, but well, to see, yes, everybody else

spk_1:   38:58
trying to think I don't. Not that I not To my knowledge, the main ones were ej c m punk. Every year. That's just like an annual.

spk_0:   39:08
You know, we always wait for the music to him

spk_1:   39:10
when he came out on that show on Fox Sports the other night to be backstage. But yeah, so those are predictions and hope you guys enjoy royal rumble. Uh, this Sunday on the deputy of the network, which is 9 99 100 anymore. Now they don't five years like someone that

spk_0:   39:31
it's, like, free for the first time. You sign up so

spk_1:   39:33
that it has been Yeah, 1st 30 days. But I mean, at this point, who hasn't signed up? I guess there's something, brother, haven't you? All right, so that is our full review with our predictions. Toil, rumble for 2020 sounds very first. Uh, paper. 2020. That's crazy. This deck of

spk_0:   39:53
this decade. Yeah.

spk_1:   39:55
Cheers. So that you're drinking yet, by the way?

spk_0:   39:57
No, it's still January. Jesus. More

spk_1:   40:00
dry January. Cool. I remember my first beer. All right, so I'm about 40% left of my beers. That's it.

spk_0:   40:10
That means you have some time to play a game.

spk_1:   40:12
We D'oh! D'oh! Okay, uh, let's do Mary killed bang.

spk_0:   40:17
Yeah, it's one of our faves

spk_1:   40:19
s. So, uh, how the game works is it's essentially we throw out three wrestling names who will d'oh past wrestlers, current wrestlers. And you have to marry one. You gotta kill one. Unfortunately, and then you get to bang one. Exactly. So I'll go first. Okay, All throughout. Three names to you, and you let me know you're married. Kill bang picks. Okay. All right. So these 1st 3 of your current, uh, person's gonna be Buddy Murphy. Okay. 2nd 1 is Alistair Black and third and Final one is Ricochet.

spk_0:   40:58
Look, a shay, Huh?

spk_1:   41:00
I shouldn't no idea what you're gonna do here. I really don't.

spk_0:   41:03
I think I already know. I want to kill. Do you know I'm gonna go?

spk_1:   41:09
It's Alistair Black. Yeah, he scares you.

spk_0:   41:11
Yeah, he's got a really big head, and it scares me a big guy. I know. He is so sorry, Alistair. His was Selena Vega. Yeah, that's crazy. She's a little daffy. So tiny killing Alistair Black. Okay, if I want to marry Ricochet, he's got a cute little smile like he's

spk_1:   41:31
really good at cutting. Promise to

spk_0:   41:33
use a really sweet guy. And I guess I'd bang buddy Murphy.

spk_1:   41:39
You gonna bang with the disciples, huh? That's another

spk_0:   41:42
Yeah. Oh, yeah.

spk_1:   41:44
They don't have a match.

spk_0:   41:45
No, they don't.

spk_1:   41:46
And it's acting titles

spk_0:   41:47
wrong within the Royal Rumble. That's why

spk_1:   41:49
I was stupid.

spk_0:   41:50
But he's gonna be another one into

spk_1:   41:53
right anyways, that's why we don't cover Because they weren't on the car. Wait, So you're marrying working ship, Ricochet? You banging Buddy Murphy? I'll tell. I'll tell Alexa. Yeah, you're Alice, You're black. And I'm really the message to Selina Vega's. Well,

spk_0:   42:12
I'm not my picks. Right. My turn. Okay, I got one for you. I got three for you. Let's go with Oscar. Um, Naomi? Oh, no. Where she's been and

spk_1:   42:30
doesn't need a driver. Just her should be Rather

spk_0:   42:35
And Sarah Logan. Interesting. You know, they're all like, random and they're all totally different.

spk_1:   42:44
Good Lord, in many ways. Thanks. Um Hey, you don't know. It was like the first time we played this game.

spk_0:   42:55
And, you know, this was kind of I don't

spk_1:   42:59
know. OK, Seeger, let's dive into this. Oscar is crazy. Uh huh. It's all bang her

spk_0:   43:09
baby wildly out. Those thinking,

spk_1:   43:11
Um, I know

spk_0:   43:15
you were gonna marry,

spk_1:   43:17
so I got Naomi or Sarah Logan? I guess so. Kill Sarah Logan and Mary. Nail me.

spk_0:   43:28
That's what I want to pick two. Yeah, Nam. He seems like a nice wife is

spk_1:   43:33
a great three game. Me.

spk_0:   43:34
Thanks. You're very welcome. Well, all right. So you're marrying Naomi? Yes. Banging Oska. Killing Sarah Logan unfortunately, is all right.

spk_1:   43:47
Don't want to, but

spk_0:   43:48
solid picks. I guess it was hard for you, huh?

spk_1:   43:52
It really waas actually think about each one I'm like, No, no, I don't want to do that. Someone threw a three older names that you may not too old their nineties to thousands. Still relevant. Will do, Kurt. Angle

spk_0:   44:13
tingle now are 1995.

spk_1:   44:17
Mrs Billy Madison.

spk_0:   44:18
Yeah, we did this last time too. I was a mask.

spk_1:   44:21
It's gonna be a now bald. So

spk_0:   44:24
today I thought he was kind of a cute, cute guy.

spk_1:   44:26
This is why I'm changing your own. You currently Booker teeth currently get all that hair all that beard and EJ who I think actually looks the same. Yeah, exactly. Skin maybe a little looser. Mueller, behave.

spk_0:   44:41
Yeah, Um, I'd probably kill Kurt Angle. Oh, that

spk_1:   44:46
ball. Mr Scare. You

spk_0:   44:48
know what he was? Kind of scares me like as he's gotten older. You just kind of It scares me. I don't know.

spk_1:   44:54
So if we do a meet and greet you won't go?

spk_0:   44:57
No, I don't know. It's a totally different scenario here. Isn't me agreed to marry or kill or bang or whatever? Um, I just think he doesn't do anything for me. I probably would. Then I thought I'd marry Booker T and feel like you just be funny. Yeah, all the time. Like they would just entertain me all the all day and

spk_1:   45:23
be like, Hey, you spent running again for me?

spk_0:   45:25
Yeah, you just be funny. I think you'd be married to, and then I'd bang edge because you said it kind of looks the same as they did 20 years ago. Yeah. Yeah,

spk_1:   45:34
I'll spare you.

spk_0:   45:35
Yeah, I don't think so.

spk_1:   45:39
All right. So we got, uh Oh. So I got one more

spk_0:   45:41
round. You got one more salami. Do some women also from back then from back then, but there were counting them as today's looks, but okay, let's go with Lida.

spk_1:   45:56
Still looks good.

spk_0:   45:58
Tory Wilson, So looks good and stable.

spk_1:   46:00
Still looks good.

spk_0:   46:01
Yeah, they also looked pretty dang good. So that's a nice, better one of my 1st 1

spk_1:   46:06
Yeah. I mean, you're welcome. No offense to any of them in terms of game on how you could have done more. All right, so I'm gonna do this real quick. I'm killing Sable. You banging Lita, Mary and Tory Wilson.

spk_0:   46:23
Okay, that was really quick. Yeah, very like Lida. How did you get the money? One banker.

spk_1:   46:30
Oh, yeah. Okay. Great. I'm glad you D'oh! Well, that about does it on that note. Thank you, guys for two and an end to Episode 12 or into the ropes. You're progressing. Escaped podcast and again, just want to remind you to please provide us some feedback by leaving us a rating or review and also subscribe on apple, Google Spotify, you name it. Our podcast is on there. And also to check out our twitter and instagram or handle is at an end to the ropes. And that's what

spk_0:   46:59
you enjoy. Royal Rumble.

spk_1:   47:02
Always get your picks right and over right as well. Have fun.