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Into The Ropes: Your Pro Wrestling Escape Podcast

Kyle & Jammie, Into The Ropes Pro Wrestling Podcast where WWE/AEW hot topics are discussed!

Kyle and Jammie, a Husband/Wife Tag Team escape from everyday life and dive into Pro Wrestling action inside and outside the ring! It all started out as an Instagram account @intotheropes where current and classic wrestling clips and photos were posted daily! Now, Into The Ropes has evolved to creating a voice in the world of podcasting! With this podcast, you will be highly entertained from their takes on the relevant and memorable topics within WWE, AEW and much more! Hot takes, trivia, fun games and typical banter from two pro wrestling fans invite you to join in on the action!

Recent Episodes

Number 15: WWE Super ShowDown Preview with Predictions! (There Is A Side Bet You Must Hear!), Wrestler Of The Day's Father May Be More Famous Than Him (Hear For Yourself!) and M.K.B Game!February 24, 2020 Episode artwork Number 14: AEW Exclusive Episode! This Wrestler Of The Day Was A Former Teacher, Check Out Who!, Current Stories Happening in AEW Including A New Debut and GAME TIME! (Twist On Superlatives!)February 18, 2020 Episode artwork Number 13: K & J Review 2020 Royal Rumble! Iconic Moments, Incredible Comebacks and Brutal Spots! Wrestler of The Day (Sexton Hardcastle...?), Potential Wrestlemania Feuds and GAME TIME!January 29, 2020 Episode artwork Number 12: 2020 Royal Rumble Preview with Predictions!, Kyle picks WHO To Win Men's Royal Rumble?!, Wrestler of the Day (Not a Fan-Favorite/Former NFL Player) & Game Time!!January 23, 2020 Episode artwork Number 11: Wrestler of The Day Kicks Off With A Bang!, AEW Bash At The Beach High and Low Points (Review), WWE: Will Seth Rollins Add More Members To His Group?, Brock Lesnar Gets Interrupted By Who?! (Never Guess Who It Was) and Game Time!January 16, 2020 Episode artwork Number Ten: We Get Recognized as a Top Podcast!, “Wrestler of the Day” Makes a Comeback, What In The World is Going on in AEW?!, Which Wrestlers Made Comebacks Recently and 2020 Wrestling Predictions! Will This Superstar finally Receive a Push? Find Out WJanuary 10, 2020 Episode artwork Number Nine: Inaugural ITR End Of The Year Awards! Which wrestlers have obtained the awards from K & J the in 2019?! Entertaining categories you have to check out!, Wrestler of the Day (Former Wrestlemania Host) and "Marry, Kill, Bang" Game! December 31, 2019 Episode artwork Number Eight: Must-Hear Wrestler of the Day we dive into (one of the best currently!), K & J go to Raw! (interesting moments uncovered), TLC storylines with matches predicted (side bets also included), Jammie "knows" her PPV names! Kyle Wearing a Tie NextDecember 13, 2019 Episode artwork Number Seven: Where in the World is Sheamus?!, Wrestler of the Day (Pyro Maniac), Kyle states an error (Can you spot it?), AEW/WWE Storylines Developing (Some blah, some yah!), NEW GAME (Crazy categories discussed)December 06, 2019 Episode artwork Number Six: Wrestler of the Day (Kyle Has Awkward Encounter with "Best In The World"), Survivor Series PPV Previewed/Predictions Chosen! (Which Brand Will Take The Prize?), Will NXT Officially Take Over? and Marry, Kill, Bang Game You Want to Hear!November 21, 2019 Episode artwork Number Five: Why CM Punk Shouldn't Come Back!, AEW Results (K & J's predictions were...better?), Must-Hear Wrestler Of The Day and WWE's Struggle With Storylines. Oh yeah, GAMETIME!November 13, 2019 Episode artwork Number Four: What Happened in Saudi Arabia?! Crown Jewel Review (Jammie/Kyle's Predictions were awful), Le Champion to retain at AEW Full Gear? (Awful Predictions chosen) and GAME TIME! Marry, Kill, Bang (Bang!)November 05, 2019 Episode artwork Number Three: Wooo!, AEW STILL calling WWE out, Crown Jewel Predictions, Game time you do not want to Miss!October 27, 2019 Episode artwork Number Two: Wrestler of the Day! Wait, WWE had a draft? Why AEW will be legit! Marry, Kill, Bang?! October 17, 2019 Episode artwork Number One: Deciding between AEW and WWE! Do we have to? Find out why! Oh, this our FIRST ever episode! Hilarious game included, not sold separately.October 17, 2019 Episode artwork